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Fiona: Custom Piñata Artist

Hi, my name is Fiona and I love to design and create pinatas.
I have been making pinatas for years and love spending time crafting them.

Designing and creating pinatas is fun and messy and I love it!
I'm so excited to see my creations come to life.

Over the years I have made 100s of different pinatas in various designs, shapes and sizes.
If the pinata you're after is not in the Gallery let me know, I always enjoy making something new!

About My Pinatas

Each pinata is hand crafted to order.
Pinatas are handcrafted and may have slight differences to your image.
I personally design and create my pinatas in my home-based pinata studio in Campbelltown (Sydney) NSW 2560.

I only create pinatas from recycled paper and papier-mâché.
My pinatas are totally hollow so they hold lots of filling.

My pinatas do not contain any wires, tape, staples etc...

Each pinata is handmade, original and made with care.
Perfect for parties, events, and even as room décor.

How I Started Making Pinatas

I was planning a party and I wanted to have a pinata. after looking at all the party shops I couldn't find any pinatas that I liked so I did some research and thought I would have a go at making my own. everyone at the party loved it! I made some more pinatas for my own and friend's parties.  I started making pinatas for my family and friends parties and through word of mouth people started asking me to create custom pinatas for their parties.

Now I make pinatas for everyone and I would love to create a custom pinata for you!
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